AiRISTA technology is being used to help the public return to activities we used to take for granted. Just as the Social Distancing & Contact Tracing Solution helps thousands of employees return to work, it is also helping us return to our leisure activities.

The Today Show features a story about challenges the cruise industry faces as they plan a safe return to sailing. See the video here. AiRISTA tags are used by guests and staff to alert to close contacts and are stored in case contact tracing is needed. Passengers like the sleek wrist straps and appreciate the added measures to maintain personal safety during their voyage.

AiRISTA worked closely with the cruise industry to develop special features in both the tags as well as the software platform to accommodate travel at sea. AiRISTA was chosen for its cost effectiveness in a financially challenged market and the ability to deploy quickly.

AiRISTA Location Services Solutions are the heart of some of the world’s largest deployments representing hundreds of thousands of end points per customer in demanding environments. For details visit our web site or contact us for a demo (